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  4. UC Selected as ”CDP 2021 Supplier Engagement Leader” by CDP


UC Selected as
”CDP 2021 Supplier Engagement Leader” by CDP

Unicharm Corporation (CEO & President, Takahisa Takahara) has been selected as “CDP 2021 Supplier Engagement Leader” by CDP (Headquarters: London, England), an international non-profit organization that is a world authority in the environmental field.


CDP (Former name: Carbon Disclosure Project) is a global non-profit organization founded in England in 2000. CDP is one of the most trusted ESG rating organizations in the world, and its activities and findings are highly regarded by institutional investors. CDP is one of the most trusted ESG rating organizations. 

Supplier Engagement Rating (SER)

The Supplier Engagement Rating (SER) assesses how effectively a company is working with its suppliers on climate change issues. CDP scores supplier engagement efforts on several questions from the climate change questionnaire in the categories of Governance, Targets, Scope 3 Emissions*, and Value Chain Engagement.

CDP 2021 Supplier Engagement Leader

The “CDP 2021 Supplier Engagement Leader” include the top 8% of companies that responded to the full SER questionnaire in 2021. More than 500 companies have been selected globally, and 105 Japanese companies have been selected.

Our Initiatives

We have formulated our mid-to-long-term ESG goals, “Kyo-sei Life Vision 2030” (hereinafter referred to as “KLV 2030”), and have set a total of 20 key themes, indicators and targets, five for each of the following four areas: “Safeguarding the well-being of individuals”, “Safeguarding the well-being of society”, “Safeguarding the sell-being of our planet”, and “Unicharm Principles”. In particular, we are focusing on the following activities from the perspective of “Safeguarding the well-being of our planet”.

ž   ・As the impact of climate change becomes increasingly serious, we recognize that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a priority issue that we must address. For this reason, in June 2018, we received certification from the Science-Based Targets (SBT) Initiative for our reduction plan through 2045, in order to contribute to the 2°C scenario of the Paris Agreement.


     ・Based on the aforementioned plan, KLV2030 has set the goal of “Increasing the ratio of renewable electricity to all electricity used for business operations to 100% by 2030”. To achieve this goal, we are promoting the installation of solar power generation systems and the procurement of renewable electricity certificates at a total of eight plants, three in Japan and five overseas, by 2021.


・We are also working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions along the entire value chain. As an example, we require our material suppliers to report the amount of greenhouse gas emissions for each raw material. In addition, we use the amount of greenhouse gas emissions to determine whether or not to use the raw materials we use, and if necessary, we promote the use of low-carbon materials to reduce lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions.ž   

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Unicharm Sustainability site                  https://www.unicharm.vn/vi/csr-eco.html

Unicharm Kyo-sei Life Vision               https://www2.unicharm.co.jp/english/csr/kyoseilifevision/index.html

CDP Suppier Engagement Assessment   https://bit.ly/SupplierEngagement2021



※ Scope 3 : Indirect CO2 emissions from the supply chain of business activities.

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