Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets forth the rules for handling your information by Unicharm group companies (*).

  •  It applies to Unicharm Corporation, Unicharm Products Co., Ltd., Unicharm Kokko Nonwoven Co., Ltd., Cosmotec Corporation, Unicare Corporation, Unicharm Humancare Corporation, Peparlet Co., Ltd., Kinsei Products Corporation, Unicharm Mölnlycke K.K., and Onedot, Inc.

Unicharm group companies (each individual company that belongs to the Unicharm Group shall be hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) shall handle your information in accordance with the Policy below. However, if another privacy policy is stipulated with respect to individual services, etc., said privacy policy shall supersede this Policy. For the handling of Specific Personal Information, please visit here. 


The term “Personal Information” as used herein refers to personal information defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to “APPI”) including information that can be used to identify a specific individual such as a name and address, etc. 

Compliance with Laws and Regulations and Guidelines

The Company will comply with APPI, guidelines of competent authorities, and other relevant laws and regulations, etc. 

Collection Your Information

The Company will collect Personal Information in a lawful and appropriate manner to the extent necessary for accomplishing the purpose of use. When collecting Personal Information, the Company will, upon specifying the purpose of use to the extent possible, notify you or publicly announce to that effect. 


The Company will collect information relating to you in the following manners: The Company will not intentionally collect Personal Information of a child under 13 years of age without obtaining the custodian’s consent. In the event of discovering that the Company failed to collect the custodian's consent after the fact of acquisition, the Company will delete such Personal Information.

Information Directly Provided by You

The Company may directly collect information from you through member registration on the website, purchases through Internet sales, contribution of contents, campaign entries, response to questionnaires, request for materials, inquiries and comments via phone or email, requests from shareholders, job applications, etc. When directly collecting information from you, the Company may also collect information such as the date, place, and method by which such information was provided. 

Information Collected Incidentally to Services and Transactions such as Log Information and Location Information

The Company may collect information incidentally to providing services and conducting transactions in the following cases: When you browse the website, the Company may collect the browsing history, IP address, and information concerning the type or setup of the OS and the browser; when you download or use a smartphone application that the Company provides, the Company may collect the advertisement ID of the device, and information concerning the usage history of the application; when you click a link by opening an email newsletter, the Company may collect information concerning the links opened and clicked. Moreover, depending on your own settings, the Company may collect the location information of the device such as the information on the smartphone base station, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. 

Collection from Third Parties

In principle, the Company collects information from yourself. However, if your family members respond to a questionnaire, the Company may collect information from your family members and the like. The Company may also collect the Personal Information of the responsible persons of business partners. When the Company is outsourced with handling Personal Information, the Company may collect Personal Information from the outsourcer. The Company may collect publicly-announced information including information that you posted on social media from third parties including research agencies. However, the Company will collect sensitive personal information as defined in APPI including the results of physical examinations only if you or statutory agent gives your consent, unless such collection permitted by laws and regulations, etc. 

Cookie and Other Technologies

This website may use a technology called cookies. Cookies work as follows: When you browse the website, data called a cookie is sent to your browser and is saved therein. This enables the Company to recognize you when you browse this website again. You are able to set up a browser so as not to accept cookies through the browser setup. In this case, you may not be able to use some services and features such as maintaining login status and providing content conforming to your needs. 


Moreover, the Company may use a technology called a web beacon. A web beacon is a technology that enables the collection of statistics concerning the status of use of the website by you. 

When using such technologies, the Company may use cookies distributed by third parties other than the Company and systems provided by third parties. In this case, such third parties may acquire your information. For details, please visit here.

Use of Your Information

The Company will not handle Personal Information beyond the scope necessary for accomplishing the purpose of use, unless such handling is permitted by laws and regulations, etc.


The Company will use your information upon notifying you, or within the scope necessary for accomplishing the publicly-announced purpose of use. In the case of changing the purpose of use, such change will be made within the scope reasonably considered to be relevant to the purpose of use before the change. For details of the purpose of use corresponding to the nature of Personal Information, please visit here.


Your information may be combined or associated with your other information for use. Such combination or association may enable the identification of specific you. However, if APPI requires the consent of you in such a combination or association, the Company will obtain your necessary consent before a combination or association according to complying with this law and related guidelines 


 In order to accomplish the purpose of use, the Company may let third parties acquire the your information by using cookies distributed by third parties other than the Company and systems provided by third parties, and then receive services from such third parties. For details, please visit here.

Provision of Your Information to Third Parties

Security Control Measures

The Company will take necessary and appropriate measures for security control of Personal Information including the prevention of leakage, loss, or destruction of Personal Information.


In order to prevent unauthorized access to your information, loss, falsification and leakage, etc. of Personal Information, the Company will take appropriate security control measures as follows;


The Company has established an information security policy, and based on this, the company has established various in-house regulations such as personal information protection regulations and information management security regulations regarding the handling of your information. In addition to operating based on these regulations, The Company continuously reviews these contents as necessary.


Under the information management and security committee, the Company has established a system for handling your information by appointing the responsible person in charge and the person in charge of the department handling your information and clarifying the scope of handling your information.


The Company educates its employees by holding regular study sessions on personal information.


The Company prevents the viewing and handling of persons who do not have the handling authority by controlling the entry and exit of the area where the your information is handled and restricted taking out of the information. Moreover, the Company limit the range of persons in charge who can handle customer information by restricting access to your information.

Control of Service Providers

In the case of outsourcing the handling of Personal Information, the Company will properly control service providers.


The Company may outsource the handling of your information to a service provider. In such a case, the Company will conduct necessary and appropriate control by taking measures such as concluding a contract concerning the protection of Personal Information with the service provider. 

Handling of Pseudonymised Information, Anonymized Information and Statistical Information

When using pseudonymied information (referring to an information in regard to individual that is obtained by processing personal information so that a specific individual cannot be identified unless it is collated with other information), the Company will create such pseudonymised information pursuant to appropriate procedures in compliance with APPI and other relevant laws and regulations, etc. Moreover, when the company create the pseudonymised information, or obtain the pseudonymised information and the deletion information related to the pseudonymised information (referring to description, personal identification code or processing method etc., deleted from the personal information used to create the pseudonymised information,), the Company will take appropriate safety management measures in compliance with APPI and other relevant laws and regulations, etc.


When using anonymized information (referring to the information that is obtained by processing the Personal Information so as to prevent the identification of a specific individual and disable the recovery of said Personal Information), the Company will create such anonymized data pursuant to appropriate procedures in compliance with APPI and other relevant laws and regulations, etc. Moreover, the Company will take measures such as appropriate security control measures and control of service providers according to Personal Information. When providing anonymized information to third parties or receiving anonymized data from third parties, the Company will do so pursuant to appropriate procedures that comply with APPI and other relevant laws and regulations, etc. 


When using your information as pseudonymised information, anonymized information or statistical information, the Company may use such information for various purposes that are not limited to the purpose of use at the time of collection, or use in other methods permitted in APPI. The Company may publicly announce statistical information.

Requests for Disclosure and Correction

For Inquiries

Continuous Improvement

The Company will continuously review and improve our efforts to protect Personal Information.


The Company may, if it finds it necessary, revise this Privacy Policy. In such a case, the Company will display the revised Privacy Policy on the Unicharm Corporation website. 

The date of revision 1st April, 2022

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